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Institute of Biotechnology: Curriculum

核心課程 Core course

  • 書報討論 Seminar
  • 專題討論 Colloquium
  • 生物物理化學 Physcial Chemistry
  • 高等生物化學 Advanced Biochemistry
  • 高等分子生物學 Advanced Molecular Biology
  • 高等細胞生物學 Advanced Cell Biology

基礎課程 Basic course

  • 分子癌病學 Molecular Oncology
  • 生技產業 Bioindustry
  • 生物核磁共振導論 Introduction to Biological NMR I
  • 老化分子生物學特論 Special Topics in Molecular Biology of Aging
  • 果蠅之老化與壓力研究 Aging and Stress Studies in Drosophila melanogaster
  • 果蠅神經解剖學 Drosophila Neuroanatomy
  • 果蠅學習記憶專題討論 Topics on Learning and Memory
  • 胞器的形成與傳輸 The Biogenesis and Trafficking of Cellular Organelles
  • 核酸代謝相關基因專題 Special Topics on Enzymes and Genes related to Nucleotide Metabolism
  • 神經退化疾病研究 Neurodegenerative Disease Research
  • 基因修飾與調控 Epigenetics and Epigenome
  • 細胞週期之監控訊號專題一 Special Topics in Cell Cycle Checkpoint Signaling I
  • 蛋白質亞硝基修飾之訊號調控專題一 Special topics in S-nitrosylation signaling control(I)
  • 腦神經網路體專題討論 Topics on Learning and Memory
  • 酵母菌遺傳及基因體學 Yeast Genetics and Genomics
  • 模式生物科技特論 Special Topics in Model Organism Biotechnology

應用課程 Applied course

  • 生技奈米材料專題 Bionanomaterials
  • 生技研發切入點 Topics on Biotech R&D
  • 生技醫藥產業實務概論 Introduction of Practices in Biopharmaceutical Industry
  • 奈米生物科技實務 Practical Nanobiotechnology
  • 果蠅動物模式在人類疾病之研究 Modeling Human Diseases in Drosophila
  • 疫苗工程學 Vaccinology
  • 疫苗的發展策略 Vaccine Development and Industrial Strategies
  • 食品產業與生物技術 Food Biotechnology
  • 現代藥用植物導論 Introduction to Modernization of Botanicals
  • 細胞培養與分離技術 Cell Culture and Cell Separation
  • 藥物設計導論 Introduction to Drug Design

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